Pregnancy Updates

8 Months Pregnant – Updates

June 26, 2017

Hi Loves,

Lots of updates as we get closer to Baby P’s due date that I wanted to share with you today!

  1. Hospital Tour – We finally toured the hospital we’re planning to give birth at – UCLA Ronald Regan Westwood. Coincidentally, Beyonce just had her twins there, we tried to see if we’d see Jay Z roaming the halls but no luck 😉 The Hospital was really nice and very different from the small town hospitals we are used to. We were welcomed with Valet parking, a beautiful bright and large marbled lobby, the maternity wing & children’s hospital has a beautiful large patio with toys to entertain older children waiting for a new sibling. Sprawling lawns with gazebos are a great place for grand parents and family members to wait and relax. The rooms themselves look nice. They did confirm if you have an epidural you will probably need to stay on the bed because I won’t have feeling in my legs. During the tour info session they also mentioned their sister hospital in Santa Monica. That Birth Place has a staff newborn photographer, celebration tea and special breakfast for dad… they also have suite upgrades you can request… I’m so tempted… I’ve signed us up for a tour…. Will keep you posted 😉
  2. Breastfeeding 101 Class – We had our next educational class, Breastfeeding 101. I was disappointed with this one. She spent a significant amount of the class drilling in why breastfeeding is better than formula feeding. Obviously, if we signed up and paid for “Breastfeeding 101” we are planning to breastfeed… I feel like I still didn’t get a good grasp on breastfeeding positions & latch. Luckily, our pediatrician has lactation consultants on staff so i’ll plan on reaching out for help within the first few days. And of course at the hospital they’ll go over everything with you as well.
  3. Braxton-Hicks – I’m getting more an more Braxton-Hicks contractions these days. Usually it just feels like cramping or sharp vagina bone pains. But this weekend i’m not getting these side cramps, sort of like when you go running and then can’t breathe with a lot of tightness. Those are definitely not a good time. In general, my body feels pretty rundown. Last Thursday – Sat I mostly just stayed in bed. Got up for appointments, but other than that i’ve been sleeping around the clock. I got sick after eating on Wed night and in general feel nauseous all the time again. I’m trying to rest as much as I can. Tim’s also apparently resting as much as he can. I wish he would take on more but he says he’s enjoying his last few weeks of being able to sleep in before the baby comes.
  4. Hospital Bag – With the more frequent Braxton-Hicks contractions it really put my butt in gear with needing to get my hospital bag ready. I’m planning to do a post, hopefully on Thursday, of what’s in our hospital bag.