Pregnancy Updates

22 Week Update

March 30, 2017
According to my pregnancy tracker App baby girl is the size of a Spaghetti squash, I can’t believe how big (and real!) she’s getting. Now that we know the gender we are finalizing our baby registry, i’m researching baby shower themes and we’re starting to seriously discuss baby names.



I’m relieved to say I think i’m starting to feel better. I no longer feel the complete daily exhaustion. Although, now that i’m getting bigger i’m moving slower but at least i’m able to make it out of the house for the occasional errand or fun event. I haven’t vomited in over a week and am gagging a lot less. She’s still pretty picky about what she wants to eat – all healthy, bland items and I still can only have a few bites of anything but it’s progress.

This week I need to start signing up for baby prep classes. I want to take a class on breastfeeding, sleep training, infant first aid (CPR, burns, fevers) and baby basics for first time parents (how to change a diaper, do a swaddle, what to do if she’s crying, etc). There’s also a prep for childbirth class that I will want to take if we have a vaginal delivery. I’m holding off on signing up for now as it’s expensive and Pelletier babies are usually 10lbs+ and come out via c-section.

I’ve already signed up for their Mommy and Me class which starts pretty soon after the baby is born. I’ll meet once a week with other first time mom’s to get some socialization in and also a support group. I’m looking forward to having that support to ask for guidance as we navigate sleepless nights, a potentially fussy baby and any difficulties I may have with breastfeeding.

The place i’m going also offers baby sign language, French and Spanish classes, and Mommy and Me yoga 🙂 So LA 😉

I’m also excited to start designing the nursery. I plan to do a post on that once we have a mood-board put together with the color scheme and some furniture and decor selections.


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