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24 Week Glucose Test & Baby Classes

April 14, 2017
Today I had to take the Glucose test that checks for gestational diabetes. I should have the results by end of day tomorrow. I’ve heard a lot of pregnant women complain about the drink.  The taste didn’t really bother me. However, five minutes into drinking the the glucose drink I got a massive migraine. You aren’t allowed to eat or drink for an hour after taking the drink so I wasn’t able to take my emergency migraine meds until after the blood draw an hour later. I have a check in with my neurologist on Monday so i’m going to bring it up to her. I’m not thrilled on having to take so many nausea and migraine meds during the pregnancy. Even through they’ve all been cleared by my OB, and i’m on a large amount of folic acid supplements, I still wish I wasn’t pumping all these meds into my body. At the end of the day, it’s what I need to function and be able to get out of bed but it does concern me. She seems fine though, super active, always moving and growing so I need to worry less about it.




UPDATE* I just got the results from my doctor. My glucose came back normal and i’m in the clear. I’m surprised considering how much my body reacted to it but thankful. The blood test did show i’m slightly anemic so I’ll need to start taking iron supplements.

Tomorrow I’m planning to start signing up for my birth & baby prep classes and i’m going to start looking into hiring a doula. I’m really apprehensive about the birth and Tim isn’t always the most understanding when it comes to pain. Doula’s also come for a few home visits before after baby and can give advice on nursing, sleeping, and any other questions you might have. So I think for a first time mom it would be really helpful for me.

For the classes i’m planning to sign up for 1) Baby First Aid/CPR 2) Sleep Training 101 3) Breastfeeding 101 4) Caring for your Newborn. I’m taking the classes at Mother’s Haven in Encino. It’s also where i’ve signed up for my Mommy and Me classes.

There’s also a birth prep class which i’m considering but I want to see if that’s something I can go over with the doula.

I also will be booking a walkthrough of the hospital we’ll be delivering it.




My baby shower invites went out this week. I’m so excited to celebrate Baby P and my sweet friends & family are working so hard to prep and plan such a pretty shower for me! My registry went live, you can check it out here:

I’m addicted to adding cute baby girl clothes I find on instagram to the registry. She may not have a set up nursery when she gets here but baby girl’s outfits are going to be on point!

I’ll leave you with some photos of what i’ve been eating lately because apparently I love taking photos of my food.





Top: Asos Maternity; Necklace: Gorjana; Watch: Fossil; Jeans: Gap Maternity