Pregnancy Updates

39 Weeks and Hormonal

July 24, 2017

This is it! She could come any day. It doesn’t feel real. I’m at that crossroads of wanting her to come because i’m so uncomfortable and hoping she sticks to her due date (Aug 1) to buy me a few more days to scramble. I’m particularly peachy at this point of my pregnancy with Tim getting the brunt of it. I literally hissed at him last night… so yeah.

We still don’t have a new bedroom set. But we did order a king size mattress. Tim finally got to making the crib… and we discovered we lost the baggy of screw parts that go with it… We’re on day 3 of trying to locate that baggy…

I’m actually writing this on Sunday mid morning- after an hour and a half of cleaning the kitchen, sweeping the floors, cleaning our bedroom and folding all the laundry I washed yesterday. My sister arrives in two hours and I’m so ready for her help! My parents will be here mid week to help as well. As these things go, Tim’s working all next week. Although that’s probably for the best since every time I see him i’m just seething. He’s been busy (hiding) with yard work. This morning it’s landscaping, yesterday I found him literally scrubbing the pool walls when I came outside to ask in the most gracious way why he hadn’t started my dinner yet. Poor guy. But really, scrubbing the pool walls? What about trying to find the crib screws?! My seething is mildly justified, right?

On top of all this i’m still working. The load is definitely lighter but there’s still plenty of emails and conference calls/meetings to call in for. On the one hand, being able to work from home means I don’t have to exhaust myself in the morning showering, getting dressed, the hour commute and can stay in bed and work. The down side is i’m actually not staying in my bed at all. Because like any wonder woman I now feel the pressure of being at home to sneak in some quick cleaning, do some laundry, finish those last minute errands, drive to every furniture store within  a 40 mile radius, etc. Meanwhile, my husband wakes up around 11, watches the news and eats his breakfast for 1.5 hours, sits on the toilet for 1 hour continuing to read the news. Then it’s lunch. Then he needs to “digest,” (which means watching more TV for an hour), then he has to poop again for an hour, then it’s 4PM and he asks me what I wanted help with and by that point i’m exhausted.

I don’t mean for this to come off “husband bashing.” He’s come a long way and he does a lot. He handled a bunch of stuff with the car this week, installed a new attic fan to help with the heat in the house, he’s been outside for hours mowing the lawn and it’s 90 degrees out. I just feel like even though there’s still been so much progress women are just expected to shoulder certain things. Not pregnant, it bugs me, but I can get it done so I just do it. I think when you add the physical and emotional weight of 9 months of pregnancy and a 7+ pound bowling ball you’re carrying around while constantly bending down to pick up things he walked right past and you start noticing every little thing you’re having to figuratively and literally pick up for your family.

Everyone says we should “enjoy this time,- go out for dinner, go to the movies, you won’t get this chance for a while.” How can you just sit back and relax when you literally feel this ticking time bomb that you aren’t ready for?

Anyway, here are some photos of me acting like pregnancy is bliss. LOL. Sorry, in advance if i’m snappy at you this week. I’m working really hard on meditation and prayer SEVERAL times a day and constantly deep breathing my doterra oils like it’s cocaine. I think it’s helping…

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