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6 Month Mom & Baby Update!

February 15, 2018

I’m so sad to be writing that Evelyn is already 6 months! While i’m loving her being more interactive, I can’t believe we’re already half a year into parenthood.

Her Stats:
Weight: 15lbs, 11 oz
Hight: 26.5 inches

She Loves: Sweet Potatoes & Avocado. She HATES bananas and broccoli.

I recently upgraded her toys and bought her some new things that will encourage her development. I love the montessori way of learning for little ones & bought her these sensory balls, these blocks (which she loves me to build, and her to immediately knock down), and these stacking cups. I also bought her this ball cylinder which is supposed to encourage babies wanting to crawl to get it when it rolls away.

She’s sitting up about 95% on her own. We still need to have a hand close by in case she takes a tumble. We can prop her standing in front of the couch and are teaching her to hold herself up, the stand & lean. She’s loving activity tables right now, we have one like this that’s a hand-me-down.

She has her first tooth popping up. She’s so good at not being fussy, although she keeps hitting her mouth like it’s bothering her. I’ve been giving her this food feeder net which she loved to naw on and also gripe water to help her with any discomfort.

At this point, it feels like every day she’s changing. This morning, it was teaching her to high-five. It’s the cutest!

Evelyn is finally sleeping on a schedule (7:30pm – 4:30am then feed and back down for at least an hour, usually closer to 6:45 – 7am).

6 Month Mom Update:

I’ve finally gotten in this groove where life with a baby feels normal. This past weekend, I nursed her, put her down for a nap and then headed out to run an errand. As I walked out of the house, showered & dressed (!!!), I realized how big this moment was. In the beginning, leaving the house felt so overwhelming and impossible. Now, I barely thought of it as I hustled out the door. Earlier on, when people would say “You can’t imagine life without her, right?!” I was like “Uh, yeah. We were sleeping normal hours, I wasn’t always starving, and I could leave the house for more than an hour at a time.” But now, I’m there. I wouldn’t change what we have now for our old life and it wouldn’t feel nearly as fulfilling. We can’t binge watch a whole series on Netflix in one day, but that doesn’t feel meaningful anyway, my priorities and desires have changed.

That being said, what hasn’t gotten easier is working full time. When I first went back to work I was OK, after 4 months of being mostly hunkered down at home, I was surprised how much of a welcomed change it was for me being at work. But now, three months in, the days are feeling longer, the brief time with her in the morning and at night feels rushed. I’m starting to feel more and more emotional every time I leave and at night once she’s asleep. In the evenings, I’ll prep her baby food, wash her clothes, buy and clean her new toys. But I don’t get to feed her, or get her dressed in the mornings, or watch her explore and enjoy her new blocks.

On a brighter note… Funny story, Tim & I had our first modeling gig. I’ve been wanting to book some casting opportunities for Evelyn. Babies get booked the most between 6-9 months and child labor laws in CA are really strict which is great, she can only be on set for 2 hours total. So while looking into agencies, I’ve been applying her to casting calls i’ve seen through instagram. I submitted her for a casting call that I thought was for babies but turned out they’re launching their adult line and were looking for parents and they casted me and Tim! Tim was a good sport and did it. It was a fun experience!


I’ve also recently put together an Amazon page with all my tried, tested and swear by baby products that have helped us get through the past 6 months! You can view the page here:

Xo, M