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A Letter to my Husband on His First Father’s Day

June 17, 2018

I think back to this past (almost) year of motherhood and I am so so thankful for my partner. Actually, I should back that up even farther – the past two years if I count my pregnancy. I am so grateful. I want to give the biggest hug to all the single mommas out there doing it all. I truly don’t know how you do it. I’ve been able to be a better mother, to have such a positive outlook on this past year because of Tim. Stepping in, stepping up and holding me up (figuratively and literally) during the hardest times of my life.

Thinking back to my pregnancy, it was so hard. I was so nauseous and exhausted I couldn’t do any of my normal responsibilities outside of showing up for work. I didn’t step foot in a grocery store for months. I couldn’t clean up my own puke without re-puking so Tim cleaned it all.


When I think back to Evelyn’s birth I know without a doubt I would have ended up having a c-section if it wasn’t for Tim physically laboring with me. Lifting and crunching my body for me with every contraction (about a minute apart) for two straight hours of pushing. (I have a photo for this but i’ll save your eyes.)

The first night in the hospital the bassinet had to be next to him on the pull out sleeper chair. Every gurgle or noise she made he literally leapt out of bed to peer in concerned. When we arrived home the bassinet had to stay on his side of the bed.

He was involved in every aspect, even breastfeeding – I often felt a little too involved with all his questions of  “Did you feed her long enough?” “Both sides?” “How many ounces did you pump?” He was the one to finally get her take a bottle and to successfully sleep train her after I failed miserably.

I’m so thankful for his unconditional love for the both of us. Neither of us are easy. Evelyn got Tim’s features and my temperament. We’re head strong, we have strong opinions and dislikes and we’ll let you know when we are unhappy, hungry or tired – which is often. He’s the balancing calm one, who finds fun and laughter in the simple moments to diffuse any situation.

He’s made it possible for us to go on this crazy adventure this year. He shoulders so much responsibility, he takes the majority of the early mornings, he’s the one to often make breakfast & dinner. We’ve both changed and grew so much this year and I’m so thankful for the man and father he’s become.

Our marriage isn’t perfect, our family life isn’t easy and traveling full time with a baby is actually not glamorous at all. He’d have a lot of reasons to not be the stand up guy that he is but instead he’s somehow managed to rise up from a lot of adversity and be our rock.

Last night I was mad at him (I can’t remember why) and so I kept (lightly) kicking him in the shins while we were in bed so he couldn’t go to sleep. And he finally grumbled “What?!” And I said, “I think what needs to happen is you need to apologize and give me a kiss.” And he said, “OK, and then I can go to sleep?” And I said “Yes” and so he said, “I apologize. It was all my fault.

The Best.

Here are some of my favorite photos over the past year of Tim & Evelyn. We love you, Timmy!

Xo, M