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9 Weeks Pregnant at Christmas!

January 23, 2017

December 25 – 9 Weeks Pregnant at Christmas!

Nausea and exhaustion are in full swing, all day, everyday. My doctor prescribed me two meds to help with vomiting and nausea. Before the meds I felt like I had mono, taking a shower felt overwhelming. Now i’m able to somewhat function. I’m still constantly gagging. Standing and walking make it worse so I try to sit or lay down as much as possible. We haven’t announced to family or friends that we are pregnant yet and it’s been hard to keep the secret! Trying to quietly step away to gag and vomit!

On New Years Eve I threw up my delicious (not so delicious coming up) chocolate cake in the middle of the Boston Commons. On the bright site, I blended right in with all the other drunk girls.

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