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Evelyn’s 1 Month Update!

September 5, 2017

I’ve survived my first month of motherhood! My marriage is still intact, laundry and housework is generally caught up on, I manage to shower 3-4x a week and we’re leaving the house now about 2x a week. So basically you can call me supermom.

Seriously though, I’m adjusting to this new normal. Definitely mourning life when I could sleep for 8+ consecutive hours, or have a few mixed drinks out with friends or do a spa day. None of those things are going to happen again until I stop breastfeeding months from now. But i’m adjusting to this new life of sleepy snuggles, being able to just relax and binge watch netflix and not feel guilty like I should be doing something else. There’s nothing for me to do but feed her, change her diaper, burp her and change her onesie once she spits up on it and then do it again. Anything else that I accomplish in a day is just a bonus.

I don’t have her updated stats (weight, length) because her monthly check up isn’t until later in the week but i’ll update this post once I have it.

Here are some sweet photos her dad and I took to remember her 1 month milestone!

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