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I’m Back and Life Update

February 11, 2019

I’m Back!

Mammas, How are you? How is the new year treating you? After a year and a half of consistently keeping up with the blog I have gone dark and I’m so bummed about it. As it turns out, selling all your things, moving into your parents basement and then full timing RVing with your toddler when you and your husband actually haven’t camped in an RV before is actually super stressful. Like it’s actually not a long vacation? What?! I know- shocking. These past 6 months have been the hardest in my marriage. And while I have ALL THE THOUGHTS, I feel like airing them out on the internet isn’t the best approach. Every time I went to write a blog post it felt weird because my mind was so deep in “How the F did I get here?!” So I’ve taken this time to regroup. If you’re looking to shine a light in all the cracks in your marriage I recommend moving into a 200 square foot space, being completely isolated in the woods and having zero cell service. Holy Heck Ya’ll.

Slowly…. slowly… things are getting better. When we first got on the road, we were moving to a new campground every week and every week was a total marital breakdown trying to pack up and hitch up the trailer with a pissed baby and all the retirees watching you so you get sloppy, forget the stairs are down and try to drive away… and then after an overnight in a Walmart parking lot and two very long days on the road, you land in a new place, with new challenge, and new ditches and trees and posts in all the non-ideal places and you two are trying to communicate on walkie talkies (again while gathering a crowd of senior citizens) and your husband is pissed at you that you aren’t saying “passenger side” over driver side and apparently wheels can’t straighten out…? Like, DO YOU THINK I KNOW HOW TO REVERSE PARK A 35 FOOT RIG- WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! Anyway, needless to say, it was rough. But we are getting better each time, hitting less things each time, wanting to murder each other less each time.

Evelyn’s getting more independent and getting used to the routine. We’ve figured out how to keep her occupied outside (DIY water table, tea set, bubbles, a pull toy) so she doesn’t just run into the road continually.

And 6 months in, I’m coming out of the fog. I feel like this has a lot of similarities to how I felt entering motherhood. When you’re taking it minute by minute, in the middle of war, exhausted and running on adrenaline trying to remember why you thought it was a good idea to embark on this journey in the first place.

A few years ago, I remember being in a business meeting with two clients who were married. One of the women casually drops how they wanted out of their marriage shortly after having twins and they decided not to make any decisions until the babies were one year old. Her partner burst out laughing. I was shocked they’d say something like that, which I thought was a private comment, in a business meeting. However, 1.5 years into marriage after having a baby and I’m like “Yup. Get it.” And I realize that comment is like asking someone to “pass you the salt.” I wouldn’t even blink now if I heard that. It’s just like “Yep, I want to murder you. I hate the way you’re breathing right now. But also, where do you want to make a reservation for Valentine’s Day?”

We’re getting through it. A lot of communication, a lot of grace, a lot of patience. A lot of being big enough to apologize for lack of said communication, grace & patience on a daily basis.

So as I emerge and try to be a productive adult again I’m excited to get back to blogging. I have a ton of posts in mind and a bunch already written and scheduled. I’m still planning on trying to do one motherhood focused post on Mondays and catch up with my travel related posts on Thursdays (I owe you all a post on Savannah, Charleston, the Outerbanks, Miami, The Florida Keys and New Orleans). If there’s anything specific you’re interested in knowing about shoot me a message. I have a double post for all the ladies today so go check out my list of favorite underthings (guys, you might want to skip this one) in time for Valentine’s Day weekend 😉

Thanks for bearing with me and for all the support and encouragement as we partake in this crazy adventure!