Pregnancy Updates

Nausea, Vomiting & more Vomiting

March 9, 2017

So my post on Monday was a little too ambitious. I actually wrote that post a few days prior and set it to upload as we had company coming into town. I was feeling pretty good throughout the weekend and started getting a little too confident. Sunday I had a McDonalds sundae and in-n-out burger which are both usually no-gos for me. And then I started feeling “funny” in bed that night. I kept waking up, couldn’t get comfortable and by about 7am I could feel the throwup in the back of my throat. I ended up laying on the bathroom floor for the next 3.5 hours constantly getting sick.

Luckily, my sister in law who is visiting is also an ER nurse and she recommended me going to get IV fluids for dehydration.

We have an amazing Urgent Care right near our home which we frequent (that time Tim chopped his leg with a rusted Ax and it got infected, my quarterly strep infections…) and I was able to get in and hooked up to an IV within 10 minutes. I would HIGHLY recommend looking into good Urgent Care alternatives over going to the ER.

Anyway, it took 2 bags of fluids and 2 types of nausea meds but they finally had me feeling better. I’m on Diclegis and Zofran daily and a new one called Reglan for emergencies. Raglan is a class B so i’m not thrilled about having to take it but having episodes like I did Monday morning can’t be good for me and baby either.

I’m home resting and have been able to keep down white rice, popsicles, watermelon and water.

I’m 19 weeks, almost halfway there and I honestly don’t know how women do this. I’m so thankful this is my first child. I don’t know what I would do if I was this sick and had other kids to tend to. All you mamas out there with multiple kiddos are super heroes!!!