Our Trip Back East

October 30, 2017

We flew back East for the first time when Evelyn was 8 weeks. We went back for two weeks to have her meet family and her cousins as we won’t be traveling back for Christmas. We also got her Baptized. [I’ll do a separate post on that once we get the pictures 🙂 ] She did really good on the plane. I wrote a separate post dedicated to traveling with your baby – if you are interested in my tips and tricks you can read them here:

I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from the trip. We had such a great time and fall in New England is absolutely the best.

Here are some photos from Maine where we stayed for a week at my family’s beach house:

















We also spent some time in Massachusetts’s visiting the Husband’s family. We ended the trip in Boston which was the perfect way to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary as we met while studying in Boston. Although Evelyn won’t remember this trip, it was fun for us to bring her to some of our old stomping grounds and places that had special meaning to us.