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Postpartum Must Haves

August 19, 2017

I’m finally starting to settle into life with a newborn. The fog has lifted a little bit, i’ve started figuring out her fussy noises – what’s gas, what means she’s hungry, what means she’s about to have a huge blowout in her diaper. We’ve gotten into a night time eating routine and cluster feeding between 7-10pm seem to help her sleep for longer spans at night.

Today I attempted pumping for the first time. It looked super intimidating but went well. I’m going to start pumping 1x a day to start building up a stored milk bank. I also started practicing using a nursing cover. Two steps closer to being able to leave the house. I could desperately use a pedicure… and some all you can eat sushi.

As I start to get the swing of things I wanted to share the items that have been helping me get through this postpartum phase. There are so many products when it comes to a newborn. I did a ton of research and watched several videos from mommy vloggers and these are the items that seem to be the most helpful and were the most helpful to me!

For the Lady Bits:

On the advice of moms everywhere I made sure to stock up on as much hospital grade swag as I could get my hands on as those worked best. I then set up a postpartum goodie basket in my bathroom with:

Mesh underwear – These are GREAT for the first few days postpartum. FYI pads w/ wings won’t fit so if you continue to wear these the first few days home you’ll need the hospital grade pads or pads w/out wings.

Postpartum Pads – great coverage for those first few days.

Ice pack pads – Also known as “DIY Padsicles” ahhhh yesssss

Dermoplast Pain Spray 

Tucks Pads

Spray Bottle

New Mama Bottom Spray

Motherlove Organic Sitz Bath Spray – The hospital really wants new moms to do a Sitz Bath to help with vaginal healing. However, you have to do it 4x a day for 15 minutes each time. This new mom was like “LOL.” So I was thrilled when I found an all natural Sitz Bath Spray for “when you don’t have time” – ME!

Kindred Bravely Post Partum Underwear – When you graduate from the mesh underwear to somewhat normal underwear you feel like a whole new woman!

For Breast Feeding: 

Lactation Consultants– USE THEM. We had one stop by everyday we were at the hospital and then our Pediatrician also has one on staff that worked with me on our first visit w/ Evelyn at 4 days old. I know so many women who struggled with breastfeeding so I went into this wanting to get as much support as I could early on. Anyone in the hospital that could help I was showing my latch to, discussing nipple pain, etc. Tim was like “is there anyone who hasn’t seen your boobs?! I think you’ve shown them to housekeeping and the food delivery person!” But whatever, I got a lot of support and Evelyn is a happy breastfed baby. I’m happy to say as we are about to enter into my third week with her my nipples are almost completely numb and I really don’t have a lot of pain.

Booby Tubes – BUY THESE. I put them in the freezer and then put them on my boobs which are always ON FIRE after a feeding. They are deliciously cold while not being so cold to the point where it’s uncomfortable.

Breast Friend Pillow – I received a hand me down Breast Friend Pillow and also a Boppy. The Boppy didn’t work for me but the breast friend really supports Evelyn and helps me get her at the hight I need. At the hospital they tried to prop her up on pillows and getting the pillow prop arrangement was so hard. I would recommend actually bringing this to the hospital. I wish I had so I could have worked with the lactation consultants with the item i’d actually be using on the regular for nursing.

Nipple Cream – The hospital gave me some nipple cream, but now that I’m home I’m using Motherlove Nipple Cream. However, nurses & lactation consultants recommend actually using your breastmilk which I do as well.

Nipple cooling gel pads – These are also super helpful for nipples that are on fire. I used this religiously at the hospital when I was first getting the hang of a proper latch. FYI – Don’t mix the nipple cream and the gel pads- it’s one or the other- It’ll crack your nipples.

Nursing Pads – When my milk came in it was literally pouring out of me, I was constantly dripping. I wear the pads at all times to protect my clothes and my pride. I was given a bunch of disposable unused pads but when I use them up I’d probably purchase something that’s reusable because it’s a lot of waste. I found these washable organic nursing pads from Kindred Bravely that have really good reviews.

Good Nursing Bras & Tanks – I had already bought and was using nursing friendly bras & tanks during maternity to get more bang for my buck. However, when my milk came in my boobs got huge and they were too tight. 1) It was just uncomfortable but 2) I also read to avoid mastitis you shouldn’t be wearing tight bras or tops. So I bought two Kindred Bravely cotton nursing bras and I LOVE them. They are so soft and easy to pull down.

Water – Have a large bottle of water by your side at all times. I’ve also been “treating” myself to coconut water to mix it up. My favorite water bottles are the Swell Bottle and my Yeti.

Snacks – Snacks on snacks on the nightstand. I’ve been loving Justin’s individual almond butter packets (bought in bulk at Costco), whole milk yogurt from Trader Joe’s, and berries & cheese. My sister has also been making batches of muffins using protein powder and healthy ingredients that I can grab when needed for a quick boost.

My Body: 

I’m surprised how much my stomach has gone down. There’s still plenty of flub there though. Right now, i’m not concerned about “getting my body back.” I’m focused on Evelyn and eating enough healthy fats and calories to keep my milk supply up. I have no idea what size pants I am but with how sore my lower half is I’m perfectly happy in comfortable yoga pants, soft PJ shorts & loose soft dresses. I’m LOVING my Lunya romper and wearing it as much as possible. So comfy & soft and easy to nurse in. I’m also wearing a super soft PJ nursing set from Kindred Bravely on the regular.

The lady bits- I got stitches in two places, I haven’t looked. I’m honestly terrified to know the situation down there. Currently going with ignorance is bliss.

Stretch Marks – The only body change I think i’m really bummed about is the amount of stretch marks I have on my sides. Right now, they are very red and noticeable, however i’ve read that they’ll fade to white. I’ve been using my belly cream on it and hoping they will go down. Any tips for helping to fade stretch marks after pregnancy are appreciated!

Xo, M

UPDATE: I’ve put together an Amazon page of all my must have recommends for any first time mommas out there! I hope you find this helpful!

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