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Setting Up The Nursery – Part 1

June 15, 2017

I’m 33 weeks pregnant and in countdown mode! We’ve had the shower, been blessed with so many hand-me-downs and are now literally drowning in baby products. The nursery desperately needed to be tackled. See below – keeping it real ladies!

I called in my mom for reinforcements because there was NO WAY Tim & I could have tackled this on our own. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t film a time lapse. We spent over 7 hours unpacking all the gifts and hand-me-downs, and starting to organize the closet and dresser.  I’ve realized setting up the nursery is going to have to happen in phases. This is Phase 1 is Organization – what the heck do I have and identifying what I still need. We didn’t focus on any decor, hanging anything on the walls, etc., that will be Phase 2. Phase 2 will require many hands – planning to have myself, tim, my mom, dad & sister all tackling it together to hang photos, shelves, curtains, etc. Phase 2 will also probably including washing everything – baby clothes, bedding, towels, swaddle blankets, etc.

For furniture, I’d purchased a dresser that i’ll also be using as the changing table.

Baby Relax Miles Campaign Dresser – $329.99

I used this blog post to strategize how to organize my drawers. I took her up on her advice to order these great ikea shelf organizers off amazon for a little more money than going to ikea. WORTH IT! Do you know what’s worse than going to Ikea? Going to Ikea at 7 months pregnant!

Onsies, Leggings, Hats & Mittens
Diapering Essentials, Hats & Drool Bibs

I moved an expedit shelf we already had in another room into the nursery closet – here was my inspiration. I still need to purchase bins and organize the closet more. Again this is “Phase 1”.

I also purchased a behind the door organizer but don’t seem to need it yet so I may return.

I love these cute clothing sized dividers and white wooden hangers. What I didn’t purchase and realized I needed was also a few hangers with clips for outfit sets with pants or bloomers. I had to order some and are waiting for these to come in. The hangers were expensive, I did see a more affordable hack of using clothes pins as the bottom “clips” on hangers. This would have saved me to much money….

The bedroom is already painted a gender neutral blue/grey that is light an soothing so i’m not repainting. For furniture, i’m sticking with white and accent colors/decor of grey & lavender.

I haven’t bought the glider yet (this is the one I want) and am so glad I didn’t because it turns out there wouldn’t have been room for it! Tim still needs to sell his beloved foosball table and we still have a corner of baby & toddler stuff I need to get out of the room. He also still needs to assemble the crib.

In July is when we’ll start “phase 2” and finish with the decor. Here’s my design inspiration:

Grey & White Nursery Inspiration

So much done, so much more to do!

Xo, M

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