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Why We’re Choosing to Leave Our Jobs, Sell Everything and Move into An RV With Our Baby

June 3, 2018

Hi Everyone,

I’m so excited we are finally at a place to share this next journey with you! We also are looking forward to developing some fun content to share with our friends and family and to have to look back on and show Evelyn when she’s older!

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We still have our personal instagram accounts but we’ve also started a new IG page, @pelletiersatplay, that will focus on our full time RV living and travel photos! Feel free to follow!
Maria’s Personal IG Page
Tim’s Personal IG Page 

We also just started a YouTube channel! I NEVER thought I’d be open to vlogging but this is a once in a lifetime experience that again we want to be able to look back on and for Evelyn too!

Below is something I wrote a few months ago and have been saving to share! This is for everyone wondering what the back story is to how we decided to take this crazy leap! We can’t thank our family and loved ones enough for all their support and not looking at us like we’re totally crazy!!

I can’t remember when the conversation with Tim first started, when this small dream became a reality. I think the whole concept started slowly, a small idea I had churning around in my mind.  Over the past few years I’ve started to become interested in the concept of living minimally. Like most American’s, I’ve spent one too many weekends sucked into a Tiny Homes marathon. Something to romance about during my 2.5 hour total daily commute from the Valley to Santa Monica each day. Then there were the YouTube channels I was discovering of families living full time in RVs. It hit a head with the birth of our first baby. It was during maternity leave when I realized how fast I’d been moving before her birth and how much I’d been missing. How quickly our lives had been flying by. My husband and I moved out to Los Angeles to pursue careers in the Entertainment industry 10 years ago. We both had successfully made our way up the ladder. Him working as an Assistant Director on commercials. And I was running a Network of Millennial Moms and building YouTube channels for celebrities. We’d bought a beautiful starter home, with glass sliding doors in our bedroom that led out to the backyard with a sparkling pool. We’d finally purchased the luxury SUV I’d wanted since I was 16 and we bought it in cash. From most points of view, we’d made it.

But then our baby girl came, and I was forced to slow down and be present. I realized, I loved it. All of a sudden the job, the house, the car – it didn’t feel meaningful. In fact they felt like weights, tying us down, a vicious cycle we couldn’t break of being chained to demanding jobs to afford our lifestyle that we weren’t actually able to enjoy.

So one day I came home, late as usual, rushing to help with bath time and get some snuggles in before our little one fell asleep, and I looked at my husband and said “Let’s quit our jobs and buy an RV and travel.” and he instantly said, “OK.” and that was it.

Fast forward a few months, our house just went on the market, offers started pouring in last night. We’ve started selling, packing and donating all our things. And we’ve been shopping around for RVs. I don’t think we’ve ever been so happy.

We should be living in the RV by spring and will be taking a year to travel the United States. Or that’s the plan anyway. There’s a chance i’ll have a breakdown from living in such close quarters with my husband and baby and be wondering what possessed us to take this leap. But it’s worth the risk. There’s that saying, If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough. And if it doesn’t work out, there’s always my parent’s basement.