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7 Month Baby + Mom Update

March 15, 2018

** Quick Side Note before hopping into this post, I follow a lot of other mommy blogger and vloggers and I feel like Monthly Update posts/videos end up feeling more like “humble brags” of your baby’s over development achievements and that can feel discouraging to other moms reading/watching. So I’m always hesitant posting where Evelyn’s at in these updates because I never want another mom to read my post and feel discouraged. Babies progress at different rates but as one mom put it in my Mommy and Me class “No kid ever has gone to college and not been able to hold their own head up.”

Hi Mommas and MTB,

I feel like every monthly update post i’m saying “It’s going by soooo fast!” But it seriously is and the jump from where Evelyn was a few weeks ago to now is huge. It feels like every day there is something new! She can wave, and if you saw it in my instastory it looks adorably regal. Her wave also looks very much like Beyonce’s Single Ladies, it’s hysterical, hoping to catch her doing it on camera to share. She loves to high-five and clap her hands together. She’s pulling herself up to stand. She has TWO snaggle bottom teeth. As of today she JUST started officially crawling and is no longer doing her army drag and roll crawl.

Her Stats:

Height: 26.5 Inches

Weight: 17.5lbs

Likes: Attention, electronics, being out on the town in a ring sling or carrier, eating

Newest Milestones: Crawling, being able to pull herself up, clapping, high-fives, waving

Dislikes: being put down, green vegetables

The biggest news is that my sister who has been living with us since July is leaving in FOUR DAYS. She’s been a HUGE help and we are really going to miss her! It’s going to be a big adjustment as we’ve relied heavily on her. We’re so thankful for her selfless love and service this past year and I’m sure going to miss all our time together!

As you’ve probably seen on my instastory, i’m always trying new baby food recipes to expand Evelyn’s palate. However, it’s time consuming and wasteful because at the end of the day she only wants sweet potatoes, avocado, strawberries and mangos. That being said, we’ve finally got her eczema under control except for this rash on the lower half of her face and around her entire neck. I was thinking it’s a drool rash but now i’m wondering if it’s an allergic reaction. So I think we’re going to have to go back to re-introducing foods one at a time. We think it’s the fruit that may be the culprit, we’ve already discovered she’s allergic to apples. We’ve been doing smashed avocado with cooked egg yoke for breakfast. And she’ll eat pureed chicken of ground beef/turkey as long as there’s plenty of sweet potato mixed in at lunch and dinner. I’ve also been mixing quinoa with some avocado or sweet potato as a quick snack to put together for her. We’re also still nursing.

Speaking of nursing, I feel like i’ve lost all the weight i’m going to from breastfeeding and may have to actually start exercising.  It’s always hard getting back into the routine. I may also have to cut back on my nightly Guinness, you know, for my “supply”. Sigh.

Honestly, right now i’m just trying not to panic about surviving motherhood without my sister! I’m sure i’ll have some crazy hormonal breakdown blog post within the next week!