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How to Save Money on Baby Clothes

March 9, 2018

Hey Mommas & MTB,

Today I wanted to share how i’ve been able to purchase high quality and ethically made clothes for Evelyn at a more affordable cost. Of course we all love cute little knit hats or sweaters but we obviously don’t have $50 to spend on one piece that may last your baby 3 months if you’re lucky. When Evelyn was first born, I was so excited to purchase her items that I had been coveting from small shops on instagram. Even with being conscientious about wanting her to have a capsule wardrobe and trying to not buy extra pieces the cost still added up FAST. I’m now currently shopping for 6-12 month clothes for her and it’s clear I can’t keep paying the prices I was paying in the beginning so I’ve had to get a bit more scrappy. With that, I have found some great private groups and apps to find my favorite clothing at an affordable price and I wanted to share them with you today!

There are a few apps you can use like ThreadUp and Kidzen. I have friends that love ThreadUp. I personally feel like i’ve been able to find more of my small shop, higher quality brands on Kidzen. You could also try Poshmark, which I love for selling my unwanted clothing. I feel like they don’t have as many baby & kid clothing options but it’s a great site for scoring well made clothing for momma.


I’ve had luck on Facebook Marketplace. In addition to clothes, finding baby gear on this site is great. For most items, you don’t know if your baby will love it or hate it, and for how long you can use it before they outgrow it. So I’m a huge fan of hand-me-downs and purchasing things second hand for way less.

OMG you guys I’ve JUST discovered B/S/T groups on Facebook! Where have these been hiding?! If you’ve been living under a rock like I was that stands for “Buy/Sell/Trade” groups where women can sell they’re gently used, or in some cases “NWT” (“New With Tags”) clothing for mom and baby! The groups are private so you have to do some searching, I tried to put the links to the groups in this post but because they are closed groups it looks like that’s not possible.  You’ll have to search yourself but it’s worth it! Here’s a list of the groups i’ve currently found:


Sweet As April B/S/T (Bonnets!!!!)


Ira Loves Mae – The sweetest tights/socks, dresses, bloomers and blouses for your little.


Freshly Picked – Leather Moccasins for your little! (There are SEVERAL Freshly Picked B/S/Ts on FB. This is an example of just one i’m in.

Little Cottonwood – Handmade, matching mom & baby and family outfits. Items go FAST.

Childhood Clothing – The cutest loungewear for your little from sweatsuits to rompers. But most pieces start at $50!

Beau and Hudson – I see you matching mom & child leopard print sweatshirts. Love they’re fashionable gender neutral clothing. Especially love their clothes styling for little boys.

Mabo • Soor Ploom • Gray Label • Misha & Puff + BST – For all your handmade, sweet on the prarie, nostalag for the “good ole days” dreams.

Vivie & Ash– Adorable peplum tops, bloomers and swing dresses for little girls



Dwell and Slumber – The perfect at home lounge dress for pregnancy, postpartum and nursing.


Pyne & Smith Clothiers – I recently discovered their beautiful linen dresses that are maternity and nursing friendly. I have my eye on their sleeveless white linen dress for summer.


Jcrew & Madewell – Admittedly, not the most savvy in the graphic design department but the clothes on there are top notch!

And a second JCrew & Madewell B/S/T – better graphic design but less members.


Happy Shopping!

P.S. Don’t tell my husband about this post!