Mom & Baby

8 Month Baby Update!

April 9, 2018

Hi Mommas & MTB,

Evelyn is 8 months and this little girl is on the move! She loves being social and is non-stop waving, smiling and laughing at everyone she sees. She’s so used to visitors that whenever I take her through a door way- carrying her out of the nursery after a nap, or walking out the front door, she immediately starts waving and smiling expecting to greet someone.

Here are her stats:
Weight: 18.2 lbs
Hight: 28 inches
Likes: Standing and pressing the buttons to listen to music on her activity table, waving, clapping. Current life moto: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.
Dislikes: Getting diaper changed.

She’s crawling fast now and the “baby jail” gate we have set up in the living room has been our must have baby item at this stage.

The biggest update is she’s starting to lose interest in nursing. She still likes to comfort nurse right before bed, but is pretty much over nursing during the day as she has major FOMO and there is way too much to do and see. That was a hard hit for me as I was expecting us to be nursing at least up until 12 months. I have this serious love/hate relationship with nursing, mostly hate. It is so hard to constantly have a baby attached to you. You can do errands with baby on a 2 hour span before you start risking it. You have to stop and drop everything to nurse. So I was surprised how emotional I felt when I realized she was starting to transition to wanting more solids and bottles. I’m still going to continue pumping in case something changes and I want her to have the benefits of breastmilk for as long as she’ll go for it.

My mom was visiting this week and helped me take Evelyn’s 8 month photos and I wanted to share this sweet behind the scenes snap of the two of them 🙂

No “mom” update on this post, we have a HUGE announcement coming Thursday so stay tuned!!!


Evelyn’s Outfit:
Milestone Sticker: Lucy Darling 
Bow (& bloomers!): Knotted Fern
Doll: Cuddle and Kind