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We’re Moving!!! Big Life Changes!

April 11, 2018

Hi All,

We have a super huge announcement that we are so excited to finally be able to share. We’ve been dreaming about taking this jump over the past few years and are so thankful it’s finally here!

Tim & I have decided to move back East to be closer to family. When Evelyn was born my parents & sister stayed with us for a full month. And then my sister stayed for another 7 months! I know what you might be thinking, that having family staying with you for that long would feel like an intrusion but if you’ve gone through the newborn stage you know having people there to run all your errands, do all your chores, free babysitting and helping take the morning shifts before the sun even comes up was BLISS. After we had a taste of what life could be like with grandparents and our siblings nearby it was a no brainer. Also, we are so blessed to have amazing relationships with both mine & Tim’s side of the family. On Tim’s side we already have 4 (& 1 on the way!) nieces and nephews and we’re all in the beginning stages of growing our families so I think when we’re all done we’re going to be a very loud group with a lot of little ones! I’m so happy they are all so close in age and I want Evelyn to have a close relationship with all her cousins and not only see them once a year. When I think of what would make me the most happy in life it’s summers spent by the water and celebrating holidays with our families with all the kids running around and playing, lots of commotion and craziness and laughter.

So back to the big move, we sold our house. I’ve given notice at work and Friday will be my last day. We’ve had one yard sale this weekend (and sold a ton!) and will have a second wave of purging and selling next Saturday (anyone need a full nursery or master bedroom king set?). I made it about two weeks without having family here to help so my mom has flown out and I have just discovered she has a hidden talent at selling! She was hustling hard at the yard sale and it was amazing.

The other news is we are actually going to be taking a year off from working (or at least the typical 9-5). Because we’ve had the thought of moving back on our minds for a while now, we’ve been carefully saving over the last few years. Both our cars are paid off, we don’t have any credit card debit. We didn’t go out to all the trendy restaurants, or get take out throughout the week. We didn’t subscribe to the typical LA lifestyle of going to the hit spots, spending $20 several times a week for a workout class, buying $7 fresh press juices and Starbucks daily. I had to give up my eyelash extensions and our housecleaner – it was tough but worth it (half me making a joke/half serious). I guess what I’m saying is that it’s do-able, you just have to decide what you want.

So with that, Tim’s scrooge-like management of our money has made it possible for us to take a year off and focus on our family and figure out what we want to do for act II of our careers. We’ve been so tired and burnt out from our day jobs that we haven’t had the chance to pursue our creative passions. We have a lot of big ideas planned for the next year. And while we might not be doing the typical 9-5 we are hoping to make the most of this time and hustle hard.

We’ll be announcing over the next couple of weeks some new endeavors we’ll be starting and are so thankful to all our friends and family for their unwavering support. While a lot of people were surprised, and some I think didn’t think we’d actually take the jump, I think the one thing those close to us know, is that when we put our minds and hearts into something there’s no stopping us.

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More to come!