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February 23, 2017

I’m writing this post from my bed… which is where i’ve been the last 5 days in a row. I was starting to feel better the last few weeks but seems like i’ve taken a turn for the worse. If i’m bed-ridden I won’t throw up. I also just have absolutely no energy. If I try to get up and do things i’ll be constantly sick the whole day. Tim’s become a pro at grabbing the nearest container (drink pitcher, mixing bowl, plastic bag, trash can) and sticking it in my face before I puke all over the floor in front of me. I’m giving him lots of baby prep 😉

With all this time at home, I want to start reading up on new mom & baby self help books. Would love suggestions on what has been helpful to first time moms!

In more exciting news, I’m starting the process of building a baby registry. I’ve decided on BabyList because I can add items from any website on the list including my favorite small-shops and etsy stores. I do know that if you build a registry on target or amazon, you get a discount on all the items you didn’t receive and want to purchase yourself. Which may have been a more economical choice but I just really want those adorable hipster baby clothes and non-toxic wood teething blocks so BabyList it is 😉 I’ll share my registry link once I have it more finalized. I’m waiting on adding some things until after we find out the gender in mid march.

I’ve been reaching out to all my mom friends who have been a huge resource on what items they can’t live without, what’s over-rated, etc. I’m also so thankful to be getting a lot of hand-me-downs. I really want to avoid getting a lot of “stuff” so trying to stick to the necessities. It’s just hard to know what your baby is going to like and not like.

The big ticket item I still haven’t decided on yet is what type of stroller we will get. I would like to get one that has the car seat that locks into it. I always see moms who don’t want to transfer baby from car seat after he/she falls asleep to stroller so I’m thinking the stroller/car seat combo might be easiest. If anyone has any recommendations or tips i’d love to hear them!

Here are a few of the registry items I know for sure I want and am excited about:


Cheerily & Co  


Cheerily & Co


Cheerily & Co



Puj tub on amazon 


Wipes down clean, no need for laundry! 



They see me Rollin’, but I won’t be Fallin’ 

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