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16 wk bump work style & favorite maternity fashion

February 20, 2017
I’m in that awkward stage where i’m showing but the “bump” still looks more like “budge” the “is-she or isn’t-she” stage where it’s not totally clear if it’s a food baby or a human baby. Wearing loose fitting clothing just makes you feel even more big and uncomfortable with your changing shape and i’d love to wear more form fitting tops but I don’t feel quite comfortable in those yet either. It’s made dressing for work difficult. If anyone has any tips for that “in-between” stage i’d love to hear them!






To date, I’ve shopped at Motherhood Maternity, ASOS Maternity, Target Maternity, LEGO (high end Australian Maternity brand), HATCH (high end US maternity brand), and Nordstrom Maternity.

So far, Motherhood has actually been my favorite. The clothes are comfortable, fabric is soft and price is good. I’ve been able to purchase most of their clothes at the outlets or online on sales. I just bought a pair of $178 maternity designer jeans on sale for $75.

So many of my mom friends swear by ASOS. I’m so-so about the clothes. The fabric quality is poor but the clothes are cheap. I’ve also had a hard time finding the right size and they don’t have a store in the US so it’s just guessing online. I’ve returned most of what i’ve purchased from ASOS.

I like LEGO & HATCH because I’m trying to work towards living minimalistic and have a capsule wardrobe. My goal is to purchase only a few maternity clothes items that are high quality & fit well.  However, I was really disappointed with the pants I got at HATCH, they were white and see through and the material was itchy. They were final sale so I may give another item of their’s a chance but now i’m stuck with $80 pants I can’t wear….

Most of LEGOs maternity clothing is also nursing friendly. I’m trying to purchase as much nursing friendly maternity as possible to again get the most use of these clothes. I bought a white tank that was on sale. It was a good quality fabric but was too big. This is another purchase that I made that was final sale. So again, it’s just hard with online stores finding the right size which is especially difficult during pregnancy.

A bunch of friends have also recommend Old Navy. They have a lot of great maxi dress options under $20 that i’m planning on getting once it get warmer. The only thing is they don’t seem to have a lot of nursing maxi dress options and again i’m trying to avoid buying too many clothes that I can only wear a few months in pregnancy and not postpartum as well.

Also, i’m having the hardest time finding comfortable nursing bras. I need to get new sized bras asap and figured i’d pull the trigger now and purchase everyday nursing bras so i’ll get longer use out of them. I’ve probably purchased and returned $300 worth of bras. The designer ones from Nordstrom were SO uncomfortable. I just purchased highly rated, reasonable priced bras ($16 – $30) from Motherhood Maternity. Will do an update on what I purchased if I liked them. Any nursing bra recommends would be appreciated!

Wearing in photos above:

Scarf: Saks Off 5th

Black Tank: ASOS Maternity

Black Trench Jacket: Forever 21

Pants: Madewell (not maternity, used my Belly Band to wear them)

Shoes: Old Navy

Watch: Fossil

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