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Babymoon Plans!

February 16, 2017

We just booked out babymoon and i’m so excited! We’re going to Maui in mid-April. I’ll be 6 months, enough to have a belly for some cute photos, but not so pregnant that i’m feeling more like a whale… hopefully…

With Zika, our options for a babymoon were limited. My parents generously gifted us a week through their timeshare and we’re staying at The Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas.

We have traveled to Kauai a few times and LOVE it. We prefer to be active and sightsee instead of laying by the beach and Kauai has so many great waterfalls, hikes and 4-wheeling options. But we always hear people rave about how beautiful Maui is. This time around I either can’t or know I won’t have the energy to be active so it seemed like the perfect time to give Maui a try. I plan on drinking my body weight in virgin daiquiris, getting a prenatal massage, lots of snoozing in a cabana on the sand and enjoying fresh fruit snacks on our patio in a bathrobe. If i’m up for it, I may try to kayak, snorkel or do some stand up paddle boarding.

We’re still planning the trip so i’ll share our itinerary once we have it settled. Tim’s great at finding off-the-beaten-path spots to explore.

We are renting a car and will also get groceries at Costco to help with cost. The room we are staying in is a 1 bedroom with a kitchen & washer and dryer. We’ll be there for 6 nights of full bliss!


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