Dairy Free Weekly Meal Plan for Baby

May 5, 2018

Hi Momma’s and MTB,

You know i’m all about meal prepping on the weekends! I wanted to share with you Evelyn’s current dairy free meal favorites of the week.

Evelyn has one love, and that is Blueberries. She even has a special scream reserved only for when you are not putting blueberries fast enough on her highchair tray. So the current war plan is finding food that she will eat in ADDITION to her beloved blueberries.

Breakfast: Simple 3 ingredient “Pancakes.” Super easy to put together. Yummy for mom & baby. I spread almond butter on them for even more protein. And of course… blueberries. She gobbled these right up and I was able to make enough to have some leftover for the next two days.

** (I don’t make 16 like the recipe calls for. Just know that this batter has to be thin. So you can’t pour too much in the pan at one time. The pancakes will be smaller and thinner than regular ones).

Lunch: I tried organic, non-antibiotic fresh carved turkey deli meat this week. She spit it out and yelled at me with a face that until this point had only been reserved for disgusting broccoli. Mom Fail.

She’s currently accepting a combo of organic black beans (purchased canned, super easy), avocado (obviously), sweet potato, ground turkey or beef, cooked and canned chicken (looks like a tuna can but it’s chicken. We purchase at Costco.) Super easy and a new go-to of mine. Shredded like tuna so already in the perfect bite sized bits for her, steamed pears,  and of course, we end every meal with… BLUEBERRIES.

Dinner: Newest mom hack, meatballs! You can heat them up individually, there’s some spices and flavors so it’s tastier than just plain ground beef. I found some frozen, pre-made meatballs at the grocery store and she loves them. (Just make sure to read the ingredients before purchasing, a lot of them have cheese mixed in. We bough Kosher meatballs because those were dairy free.) I add veggie spiral pasta tossed in olive oil. She only eats the green ones, the white ones get thrown on the floor with meticulous precision. I also warmed up frozen & cubed butternut squash but she spit that out immediately and screeched for more meatballs…

We also tried salmon (from Starkiss already cooked packets) this week. She liked it but smelled super fishy so unless you’re doing a bath right after dinner I wouldn’t recommend.

Fun Fact: Evelyn’s sitting in my high chair from when I was a baby!!

I also introduced these super cute feeding mats I’ve been dying to use. But the problem is she seems all her options at once and goes straight to her favorite thing and then won’t eat the other options. So i’m learning as cute as all those little sectioned, bento like dishwater is for kiddos it makes more sense to just feed them on their highchair tray one item at a time, starting with the least “fun” but most nutritious option. Boo.

Let me know what you’ve been loving for dairy free meals as I’m trying to keep up a variety of options and tastes for Evelyn. I think i’m going to try introducing hummus and some new veggies to her next week. I’m also on the prowl for some sort of breakfast muffin as it’s hard to have the energy to whip her up a fresh breakfast every morning. I’m currently stumped on dinner.

Xo, M

P.S. Today is Evelyn’s 6 month mile