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How We’re Coping with Sleep Regression and Teething Pain at 9 Months

May 3, 2018

Ladies, after a week of sleep deprivation I’ve realized this – childbirth didn’t scare me off from wanting another baby down the road,  newborn cluster feedings didn’t break me but the 9 month sleep regression & teething pain from her two top front teeth coming in may be the deal breaker of how many infants we decide to raise.

My strict, routine following, sleep training, won’t co sleep ever husband has been broken by a 8.5 month old and will now hold her to sleep. My mother held her last night from 3:30am – 7:30am so we could sleep. BLESS HER. The last four nights Tim & I have taken shifts. I nurse her and hold her for two hours (sometime around 2am – 4am and then I pass her off to Tim who can sometimes get her to stay asleep in her crib, sometimes has to hold her until morning. Then my mom watches her 6:30 – 8am while Tim and I catch up on sleep 🙏🏼 🙌🏼.


Moving back and quitting my job couldn’t have happened at a better time. I don’t know what I would have done if I was still working and it was just Tim and I at home. My trusty friend Google says sleep regressions can last anywhere from 1-6 weeks!

For any mommas going through this, I have no advice for the sleep regression except to sip all the coffee. But for teething, here’s what we’ve found works for us:

Medication- Tylenol only lasts 4 hours but Motrin lasts 8 👌🏼. So Motrin is our go to for night time. Also, a dose of Mommy’s Bliss Night Time Gripe Water.

Gum Soothing- The two things that are giving her the most relief is either a clean washcloth that I’ll soak in ice water and give her to suck on or these mesh feeders and I’ll put an ice cube or frozen chunk of fruit in.

On the really bad nights where she’s really struggling a second dose of meds, gripe water, and ice in the mesh feeder to numb her gums have been the fastest way to get her back to sleep.

If any mamas reading this have tips on teething pain, sleep regression and getting babies back on track with nap & sleep training PLEASE leave a comment or send me a message!!

The next post on Monday will be Evelyn’s 9 month update!!

We’re also making serious moves behind the scenes for our next endevour. Looking forward to sharing our new plans as a family in the next few weeks!