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Deep Breaths and Letting Go

July 29, 2017

You guys, this might be my last post while i’m pregnant! I can’t believe it! It still doesn’t feel real that we’re about to bring home our baby. I wanted to give you an update since my last hormonal post, I think i’m in a better place.

I went in for my 39 week check up on Thursday and she’s dropped and I was already 2 centimeters! I was really surprised. My DR also striped my membranes which HURT. So heads up ladies if your OB tells you that’s about to happen deep breaths. She didn’t prep me at all and just shoved her hand up there and it was NOT a good time. I yelled at her “THAT WAS NOT VERY NICE!!” and started uncontrollably sobbing. I’ve been cramping since, very little sleep the past 2 nights and been spotting. All normal signs that baby is coming soon.

I’m still torn about what hospital to give birth at. I had a check in with my Neurologist and asked her opinion, she’s not a mom but did residency at both and felt the same way I did. Santa Monica is more boutique with some nice luxuries but if anything went wrong having that peace of mind at Westwood with the Children’s Hospital attached to the maternity wing is comforting. I’m leaning towards Santa Monica, everything seems on track with a healthy pregnancy and I just REALLY want that room upgrade, newborn photographer and celebration tea. Birth is HARD and I’ll take any little comfort I can get to make the experience a little better. We’re leaving it to a game time (and traffic condition) decision.

As far as my master bedroom furniture and nursery saga goes…

The nursery is finally on track. Tim finished setting up the crib and we have the furniture layout how we want it. My parents & sister are helping hang some of the decor today. However, I had my parents and sister go to the local hospital for an infant CPR/First Aid class and now my father is very persistent on the nursery being up to earthquake standards. Not a bad thing. So we may need to purchase better quality picture frames today. Only the best for Baby P 😉

The master bedroom furniture has been ordered. The mattress & bed frame came in today (after lots of friends suggestions we went with a Leesa). Hoping my water doesn’t break on our brand new mattress! I’m looking forward to doing a Before & After post once the room is fully set up. I’m thankful all the furniture has been ordered though the dresser, night stands and headboard don’t get here until July 31 (the day before my due date and the way i’m progressing she’ll probably already be here by then).

This week has been tough for me. I’ve really had to take a step back because I was loosing it. As a Virgo, A-Type personality it was so important to me that everything was in it’s place – mater bedroom perfectly redecorated, nursery perfectly decorated, some house last minute decluttering, etc. The thing is, out of the 5 adults in this house right now, i’m the only Virgo, A-Type. So I can either just fight with everyone or accept where they’re at. Is the furniture arriving when i’d like it? Nope. But it’s ordered, i’m getting my king bed. So i’m going to chill on the passive aggressive remarks to the hubby and just be thankful. **I’m still on the fence if next go around i’d just order what I wanted weeks ago without consulting him. I’m not sure which is the better route in a marriage. Not being sassy, totally serious.**

This week has really helped me learn that I need to meet people where they are at. I think it’s a good lesson to truly embrace before this baby gets here. I’m going to have to really slow down with a newborn and I want to enjoy and be present in those moments instead of being distracted with a to-do list.

I’m still inhaling & diffusing my oils non-stop and having to escape for moments of deep breaths. Doterra’s Aroma Touch blend, Lavender and Peppermint Oil (helps w/ headaches and hot flashes) are getting me through right now.

I want to write a post after she comes with a summary of my favorite products and tips during pregnancy. So hope to have that up for all you mama’s to be in a few weeks. I’ll also be transitioning to postpartum and newborn posts soon!

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers for a safe delivery of Baby P! Can’t wait to meet her and introduce you to her as well! Also, looking forward to using her name and not having to call her “Baby P” anymore 😉



  1. Good luck Maria! It’s awesome that you have all that help and support…use it! Things won’t be done your way necessarily, but you’ll be able to focus on your baby and your healing postpartum. Hugs to all!

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