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Top 10 Ways to Stay Distracted at the End of Pregnancy

August 3, 2017

So my due date has come and gone. After eager anticipation that she would be here by August 1 it seems that is not the case. On the up side, I’ve got a little more time before she comes. Since we were so behind on nursery & our bedroom set up to get ready for her we’ve been working hard every day and now the to-do list is finally winding down. Last week I didn’t want to leave the house, the nerves of going into labor in public and also just feeling like a whale. But this week, it’s been good to get out. I think i’m finally at that “enjoy these last days” point that I wasn’t ready for last week. Here are some things i’m doing that I thought other moms-to-be might find helpful while you’re just waiting around for your little one to make their arrival.

  1. Book a newborn photographer & figure out outfits. Turns out i’m actually already behind on this as i’m starting to reach out now and photographers aren’t avail until 4-6 weeks out (they recommend 1-2 weeks for newborn photography). But if you don’t live in a major city it’s probably fine. I’m also planning on buying some pretty white blouses and a maxi dress for the shoot. I’m making sure to order them now so I don’t have to worry about it once baby comes.
  2. Get a library card. I went with my sister to the library and got a book to keep me occupied while I wait. Currently reading Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan and LOVING it. While there you can also see if they offer any Mom & Baby Classes for the future (music, story time, etc).
  3. Go to the Movies. Went today for a matinee, saw The Big Sick, it was great.
  4. Get those beauty appointments in! A Mani/Pedi, Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Hair Cut, etc. You won’t have time for any of those for a while after baby comes.
  5. Start looking at new born announcement cards. I’m using Minted because we already have all the addresses imputed in there from our Christmas Cards. It’s a little extra cost but having pre-addressed printed envelopes so I don’t have to handwrite them – WORTH IT!!! Once baby comes, you can just drop a photo in!
  6. Backup and clean out your phone. You thought you had phone space issues before baby?! Please. While it’s hard to part with all my adorable foster dog photo series, I’ve backed up my phone & photos and started clearing out my phone.
  7. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter – low impact projects. I did my closet last week and asked my sister to drop everything off at Goodwill. We also went through all our linens and are taking extras to our local animal shelter. With all the baby stuff coming in full speed it’s nice to also see things heading out. We’ve been able to sell a few things as well on facebook marketplace.
  8. Have a freezer meal party – All those friends texting for daily check ins? Ask them to come over and help you prep some crock pot or one pot meals you can store in your freezer. I’m sure friends or family would be happy to do the grocery shopping if you gave them a list or use a grocery delivery service – either way, no reason to waddle to the store yourself.
  9. Start reading about breastfeeding. I really want to succeed at breastfeeding so i’m trying to stay as informed as possible to set myself up for success. When you’re sleep deprived with cracked nipples at 2AM is probably not the time you want to crack open that breastfeeding 101 book.
  10. Make a postpartum basket for your bathroom. In addition to putting together some diaper changing & breastfeeding caddies you can carry from room to room don’t forget about a postpartum basket for yourself that you can keep in your bathroom. Mine has extra mesh panties, pads, a frieda spray bottle, tylenol, stool softener & pain easing spray. You can also make “padsicles.”

Let me know if there’s anything I didn’t mentioned that helped you pass the time waiting for baby.

Xo, M

  1. In addition to your bathroom caddy, I would prep some breastfeeding baskets with things like quick protein snacks, bottled water, phone chargers, nursing pads (if you’re using them) and anything you think you may need while nursing and can’t get up. Nursing is time consuming! Make multiples for bedroom and nursery and anywhere else you may nurse. I had one in my living room as the couch was a cozy place to nurse. When I had more than 1 child I also had a basket for them with toys and snacks. It was a life saver for sure, esp. when you’re thirsty or ravenous and baby is busy nursing.

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