Mom & Baby

Evelyn’s 2 Month Update!

October 20, 2017

While we were back on the East Coast visiting family and having Evelyn Baptized we also celebrated her 2 month milestone. I took these pictures while at our family beach house in Maine.

Her Stats:
Weight: 10 lbs, 8oz
Height: 22 3/4 inches

(We had her 2month check up a week and a half early because of the trip so these stats are a little premature.)

Evelyn is a such a joy and a great baby. She only fusses when she needs her diaper changed, is hungry or tired. Once you figure out which thing it is and rectify the situation all is well. She’s now sleeping through the night 12am – 6am (sometimes a little longer!). I then feed her and she’ll usually go back to sleep until 9am. We are so thankful and it means I have more energy during the day.

Evelyn has started smiling and “talking”. She is a playful and happy baby. She loves to smile at me and “coo.” It’s really cute but has started disrupted our feeding sessions when I want her to eat but she just wants to hang out!

She’s started the early stages of teething and is drooling a ton. She likes to grab on to fingers and toys. I joke that she is 2 months going on 2 years because you can tell she already wants to start walking. It’s so hard for me to try to get her in the sitting position, she locks her legs and wants to stand. She can hold up her own weight, though we keep a hand on her for balance.

She just started enjoying tummy time. She used to just burry her head in the ground and scream but she’s now lifting her head and looking around. We have a tummy time mat with a mirror and she has started engaging with that.

She loves bath time, car rides, hates stand-still traffic like her daddy, and loves looking at the leaves on trees.

We are finally able to give her a bottle and she’s taking formula occasionally. I’ll talk more about this in an upcoming post but i’m so thankful, it’s given us (mostly me) the ability to get out of the house.


Mommy Update – 2 Months PostPartum

The biggest thing is I think i’ve developed carpel tunnel on my right (dominant) wrist. It’s a HUGE inconvenience when you have a baby. It’s painful to pick up anything – Evelyn, dishes, even taking laundry out the dryer and folding it hurts. And of course, like most busy women, I’m just pushing forward and not making the time to go to the doctor about it. I bought a brace at Target which I wear day & night and it’s been helping. If any moms reading this went through this as well and have tips please let me know!

Body – I really wanted to start yoga back up again but now with this carpel tunnel I don’t think I can do it. I do want to start walking & jogging regularly so once I’m over the jet lag from our trip (excuses, excuses) i’m going to start.

Mentally – Now that she’s sleeping i’m able to do more. I think i’m doing a good job balancing getting some things done off the to do list, being social and stopping to take time for Evelyn. Maternity leave won’t last forever and I’m trying to stay present each day with her.