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My Postpartum & Nursing Summer to Fall Capsule Wardrobe

September 25, 2017

Holy sticker price shock of having a new baby! We’ve been looking at the credit card bill and trying to figure out how to lower our expenses so I know me purchasing a whole new postpartum wardrobe wasn’t going to fly with the husband. Plus, I’m trying to live minimally/green when possible and feeling pretty guilty about all the cardboard shipping boxes that keep coming to our home. Because it’s been hard to leave the house, i’ve been purchasing some new clothes online, telling myself I wouldn’t keep everything, just try on and return what didn’t work. But as the boxes started rolling in I realized how time consuming it was to 1) do all that online shopping, 2) try everything on and 3) prep all the returns. It’s taking all this time away from spending time with my baby, i’m returning most things because nothing really fits right yet, and having to keep dropping everything off at the post office. It’s just not worth it.

So I wanted to share the capsule wardrobe I put together with clothes I already had from pregnancy and before. When you get into it and start looking at what you have, you’ll be surprised what you’re able to put together. Postparum – you feel messy enough, between wearing spit-up & breastmilk covered clothes, not being able to shower daily and a very different body. It’s important to have some items that make you feel good, that you feel fit in a flattering way. I was surprised how many items work postpartum and had to buy very few new pieces. Hoping this post helps out some mommas-to-be as you can maximize your budget by buying a lot of these as maternity pieces that double to nursing & a postpartum body later on.

Postpartum Undies – Get the 5 Pack

3 Nursing Tanks – I have 1 white, 1 black and 1 compression black nursing tank (I bought this one through Poshmark and was able to save $$. Still on the prowl for the nude color to show up on Poshmark or go on sale!) with control stomach. These are essential to nursing in public and keeping my stomach covered. I’ve found lifting your top up to nurse actually provides more coverage than pulling down from the neckline which leaves my chest exposed. This means, you don’t need a nursing specific top to nurse, any loose top will do. The tanks keep your sides and stomach covered.

4 Tops to feel put together when going out – I bought these two off nordstrom that aren’t maternity/nursing so they’ll last longer. Print Pleat Back Sleeveless Split Neck Blouse & Tie Front Sleeveless Top. I have a few others that were maternity/nursing friendly that i’d previously purchased at Motherhood Maternity.

4 Basic Ts – white, grey, black & striped.

3 Long Sleeve flowy tops – black, grey & cream

Yoga Pants – I have 1 maternity and 2 non-maternity I’m wearing.

3 Pairs of Jeans, all maternity – white, blue & black (purchased at MiaTango, Target & Gap). **What I wish i’d known when I was pregnant- the full panel jeans are also great post-pregnancy, they provide coverage for nursing and help smooth the “pooch”. The maternity jeans with the side panels and regular closure button sit right under your loose belly after pregnancy and make the “pooch” even worse.

3 Pairs of shorts – 1 maternity denim from Motherhood Maternity, 1 white & 1 denim non-maternity and currently using my hair tie hack from my early pregnancy days to keep them closed.

Nursing Friendly Dresses1 everyday black one, 1 maxi dress. Any v-neck wrap dress is also flattering and nursing friendly. I will probably purchase some of those when I go back to work.

Nursing PajamasMy Fave Romper, Short Sleeve Nursing Set, and few maternity/nursing chamises with Robe (I also have some non maternity PJ shorts i’ll pair with the Tshirts).

2 Long Cardiganscream & black

3 Sweaters – Chunky loose sweaters to feel comfortable in. I have 1 in black & 1 in cream I already owned, and I purchased this chunky grey sweater that’s super cozy.

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