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Final Countdown Prep & Some Money Saving Sites

July 5, 2017

We only have a few weeks left until Baby’s arrival! I’ve had a little more bursts of energy and try to take advantage when I do. Tim still hasn’t helped with the nursery. It’s driving my crazy. I’m hoping this week he starts assembling some things. We still need to order the chair glider but I haven’t been able to because there’s no room to put it with all the boxes at the moment!

A few updates from my last post: we were supposed to go to a second hospital tour, to check out the Santa Monica Birthing Center but I completely forgot about it and we didn’t go! The next one we can make isn’t until the 16th which is cutting it close (i’m due 8/1) but I may still try – REALLY want the option for a room upgrade and on-staff birth photographer!!!

Also, the hospital bag is almost all put together. I’ve washed all the clothes for myself and baby and assembled this week a few more items I needed. I’ve started drafting my Hospital Bag post and hope to have it up soon – there’s a lot of little items so it’s taking longer to put together than I expected!

Our next education class this week is Infant CPR & First Aid. I think my biggest regret is paying for these classes. They’re helpful but turns out the hospital also provides classes on these topics for free to $20 (Meanwhile ours costs about $125 a class…). Don’t tell Tim….

I reached out to a few different places about hiring a doula. I finally starting hearing back with some potential options over the holiday weekend and will really start digging into it this week. Hoping to find someone still avail in our price range!

Insomnia: I officially have the Third Trimester insomnia. The last few nights I haven’t slept well at all. Last night I couldn’t even fall asleep until past 3AM. I had multiple snacks and pee breaks to pass the time. The insomnia has helped my productivity which leads me to…

I organized all my drawers & closets and went through my clothes. Feeling good about what I got rid of and sorted through. I moved all my maternity/nursing clothes where they are more accessible and moved my regular clothes to the backs shelves of my closet. It’s also one more step to a minimalistic wardrobe. The clothes I pulled are either going to friends, goodwill, and I posted some to Poshmark as well.

I also did one more pass at organizing the nursery but am really at a standstill until Tim starts assembling the crib and some of the other items.

I’ve put together a Postpartum Basket that will be in the bathroom. I’ll do a post more on that after the baby comes of what I actually used. I watched some YouTube videos that recommended having pads, mesh underwear, pain spray, tucks pads & the bottle sprayer all on hand in the bathroom.

Right now one of my biggest focuses is getting the items I still need and making sure I don’t forget anything. I’ve been pulling the trigger on some things but it’s really starting to add up and I’ve already spent a couple hundred dollars this week and am feeling guilty. Plus I know Tim’s going to notice when he pays the credit card… So this weekend while I was posting my clothes to Poshmark I realized I should check if the site had any of the postpartum items or baby clothes I still need. And it did!

I purchased the Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Nursing Tank in Black for $50 NWT ( It’s originally $79.99). I’m still on the prowl for that tank in nude and also their Mother Tucker post partum & nursing leggings. There are similar leggings at Blanqi. I’m hoping one of those show up on Poshmark in the next month!

I put a bid in for the Belly Bandit Wrap. There was a huge selection on Poshmark so if this one doesn’t work out i’m confident I can get another one one here and save a good $20 or more!

I put a bid in for a brand new Dock A Tot on Poshmark for $100 (It’s $160+ through the site) and got that too!

I’ve also been loving Facebook Marketplace for buying and selling. I’m eyeing a few King size bed frames so I figured i’d check for baby products too. I’m picking up a brand new Puj Tub for $25 next week, instead of paying $59 through Amazon.

Are there other places to get discounted baby items? Let me know in the comments! I’m so addicted to the thrill of the hunt now! Hope to spend the next month trying to find the last of the things we need at a better price as all the expenses are really starting to add up!

Xo, M

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