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What’s In My Hospital Bag

July 10, 2017

It’s countdown time with 3 weeks to go so i’ve been feverishly working on getting my hospital bag together. I’ve watched a ton of YouTube videos over the past few weeks on what other moms have packed, gotten advice in our birthing class and also the hospital tour; and from that have come up with my list. The feedback seems to be that besides and outfit for you and baby and whatever you’d like to make you comfortable, the hospital can provide most things. From mesh underwear for mom, to diapers for baby. With that in mind, i’m trying not to pack too much and will take advantage of all the hospital products. UPDATE: I’m not that chill and my list has grown…

It’s taken me several weeks to get everything together so I would recommend starting sooner than later. I put a bag & pile in a corner of the nursery designated for the “Hospital Bag” and that’s where I’d put items as they came in the mail or where I’d put something I remembered I wanted to add that was around the house and so if for some reason I went into labor early Tim would know to grab everything from that corner.

Here’s my current list:

Labor Outfit:

Labor/Delivery/Nursing Gown
“Push Socks” from Woven Pear

Robe and nightgown for postpartum – Using this Belabumbum set I already own.

Things to comfort me during Labor: 

Doterra Diffuser & Essential Oils – Clary Sage Blend, Aroma Touch, Frankensense, Lavender, Peppermint, Deep Blue, & Fractioned Coconut Oil. This is one of the articles I used to select which oils I wanted to bring.

All-Natural Lavender Whipped Body Butter I found at a boutique.

Baby P’s Outfits:

Swaddle Sack with matching headband from Fawn & Sage on Etsy. It’s super soft and I love the print, I can’t wait to put her in it!

Super soft onsies from Kyte BabyL’oved Baby with matching colored head bows from Loved by Sophia Claire.

One Swaddle Blanket from Modern Burlap – I’m sure the hospital has baby blankets. I wanted this for photos more than necessity.

Clothing for Dad:

Dads should pack some clothes too. The one thing special my parents got for him is this adorable baby wearing grey T-Shirt from Lalabu.

Post Partum Necessities:

1 nursing friendly gown w/ matching baby sleep sack

This Lunya Jumpsuit that’s super comfy and nursing friendly

A Nursing Bra & Tank

postpartum high waist leggings

Bottom Spray – A lot of women also say the hospital will provide you with some excellent numbing spray.

Nipple Cream – They say it takes a few days for your milk to come in so i’m not bringing a ton of nursing items but thought the cream might come in handy as I get used to nursing.

*Update, you’re also going to need these soothing gel pads, mamas!

Misc Items:

Flip Flops ** This was a very popular suggestion, mom’s seem to like to use them in the bathrooms and to walk the halls. Also, socks with grips on the bottoms.

Hair tie/Clips, bobby pins

Hair Brush, Dry Shampoo

Tooth Brush & Paste

Face wipes, face moisturizer, eye cream

Eye Masks for de-puffing after birth (gotta look good for those first photos!)


Lip Balm

Organic Deodorant – I got this at my local organic baby store. It smells really fresh and not too sweet. I’ve heard when switching to organic you can be really smelly the first few weeks as your underarms are detoxing but it’s actually doing a great job.

Glasses, contact solution and case

Electronics – Will have to remember these last minute – cell phone chargers, digital camera & charger, laptop & charger, etc.

Moms also tell me to snag as many hospital grade goodies as you can. I’ll do a post on that post-partum 😉

Anything I’m missing? Let me know in the comments below!



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