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My Carry On & Travel Must Haves

May 1, 2017

Today I wanted to share my carry on and travel must haves. These items always go with me on trips and are life savers!

  • Socks, my feet are always cold on flights and wearing comfy warm socks are way more comfortable than shoes. This flight, as a prego, I’m rocking my first pair of compression socks.
  • Essential Oils – I’m a huge E.O. fan. For trips, my must brings are:
    • Peppermint oil (for headaches & airplane sickness or motion sickness in a car). I’ll put a few drops on the back of my neck & temples for a headache. For sickness, on the back of my neck and under my nose and breathe deeply. Peppermint oil can burn so make sure to avoid your eyes, and don’t apply too heavily to your skin. Start with 1 or 2 drops and you can always put on more as needed.
    • Meleluca Oil – can be used for any bug bites or rashes. In Costa Rica, our friend got a horrible bite that had a huge red ring around it, was swollen… it did not look good. I had him put some meleluca on it a few times throughout the day and by the next morning the swelling had gone down and it was practically gone! I seem susceptible to bug and spider bites so meleluca oil is an essential for me.
  • A Scarf – I use it as a blanket on the plane. Doubles as a great shawl, accessory for my vacation wardrobe.
  • Neck Pillow, Ear Plugs, Eye Mask, Hair Tie, headphones, contact solution, eye glasses, eye drops.
  • Hand lotion & chap stick – my skin & lips always get so dry!
  • Acne Cream – I am fortunate to have clear skin but whenever I travel I always have breakouts. I put acne cream on as soon as I feel one coming to the surface and that usually helps me avoid getting a full on pimple.
  • Bottled Water & Snacks– I get dehydrated on flights, and especially now being pregnant it’s important to stay hydrated and have high protein snacks.
  • Jewelry – I put all my jewelry in a small evening clutch and pack in my carry on. I’ve heard horror stories of things being stolen from checked luggage.
  • Electronics & Chargers – phone, laptop, camera – again, don’t want those items stolen from my checked luggage. Also, if my checked luggage gets lost or delayed I’ll have these on hand.
  • Bulky Clothing Items – I always wear my bulky items when I can to save room in checked luggage. That usually means boots & jacket. For this trip, I carried on my two sun hats so they won’t get squished in the checked luggage. I placed them on top of the bags in the overhead space so they’re not in my way by my feet.
  • My Swell Bottle – It keeps liquid cold for hours no matter how hot it is out. I’ll fill mine up at a water fountain after we pass through security to save the $5 on buying bottled. Also saves me money each day from purchasing a bottled water before heading out to the beach or a day trip. I’ve also heard other moms use them to keep their white wine cold on the beach 😉
  • Change of clothes, swimsuit, toothbrush – I don’t always do this but I should. It’s rare, but I have had my luggage lost before and it’s sometimes taken days to get it back. You can always buy these items at your destination if it came down to it but it’s something to consider and if you have the room in your carry on it doesn’t hurt to include them.

What are your Carry On and Travel Must Haves? Let me know in the comments below! I’m going to need to start a whole new list of essentials when traveling with a baby!

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