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Skincare During Pregnancy

May 4, 2017

Being pregnant, my skin has become more dry, I’m getting breakouts and battling stretchmarks. I’m also more aware of the products I’m using and it’s important to me that I try to use all natural, chemical free beauty items on my skin as much as possible.

So I wanted to share what i’m currently using and loving. Would love to know other mamas pregnancy favorites in the comments please! Especially something for tired eyes!!

Body Wash:

Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap, Lavender – very calming and lots of foam for a little amount. I’ve tried other brands that didn’t cost as much and I’m never as happy. *Update, I’m using this now for my baby as well.*

For breakouts: Shea Moisture African Black Soap. Helps with breakouts while also having Shea Butter to keep skin moisturized. Timmy also seems to be using it 😉 Found at Target.


For Face: Dermae Microdermabraision Scrub: A very light fresh lemon scent. Not too hard on my face but does the job, I’m left with glowing smooth skin.

For my Body: Franks Body Scrub. I’m OBSESSED!!!! Smells great, like coffee and almond oil. I used it before my spray tan and my skin was so smooth. I’m hooked! It’s vegan & all natural ingredients.

Body Lotion:

Nivea In Shower Body Lotion. My skin is so dry I have to put moisturizer on everyday or I’m itchy and uncomfortable. But I HATE putting lotion on and then putting on clothes, it feels so uncomfortable. Nivea shower lotion has been a game changer. You put it on at the end of your shower, then rinse it off, towel off and your good to go. No residue and my very dry skin is sufficiently moisturized for the day. For the busy working woman or mom this is a must.

Stretch Mark Oil/Lotion: For my 1st trimester I used Burts Bees Body Butter and loved it. Creamy but absorbed nicely into skin, light fresh scent but barely noticeable to a 1st trimester preggo. Now that my belly’s bigger I’ve upped the anti and purchased Bio Oil. It seems to be the top pick. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now. I’m happy with it and light fresh scent. I don’t seem to suffer from stretch marks but we’ll see how my skin is looking as my body really starts to stretch.

Under Eye Cream:

Puffiness: Alba Fast Fix for Puffy Eyes. On particularly rough mornings I’ll put this under my eyes as soon as I wake up and let it soak into my skin. It’s cooling and hydrating.

Undereye Concealer: W3ll People Natural Bio Correct Multi-Action ConcealerI have super puffy under eyes. It really bothers me and i’ve tried the gambit on under eye creams and concealers. I stumbled upon this gem at Target and am NEVER USING ANYTHING ELSE. The concealer is 100 PLUS it depuffs and brightens. And don’t worry mamas, like All W3ll People Cosmetics, It Is Free From Harsh Artificial Chemicals Like Parabens, Propylene Glycol & Dimethicone and is made in America. It looks pricey but I’m just running out now, 9 months into using it daily.

Face Wash: I have a lot of redness in my face and very sensitive skin. Although it can be oily on my T-Zone, my forehead and chin are always really dry. I’ve been using SheaMoisture Peace Rose Oil Complex Sensitive Skin Facial Cleansing Oil. It seems to soak into my skin and feels calming but i’m never left feeling oily after either.

Face Moisturizer : The hubby & I both like the Face Moisturizer w/ SPF15 from Trader Joe’s. I keep trying other moisturizers and none of them are as good as the TJs one!

Morning Skincare Routine:

Pixi Glowtion Daydew -This smells like lavender, calming and soaks right into skin, doesn’t leave you greasy. It’s what i’ve been using as a sort of “face primer”. You can find the Pixi line at Target.

I don’t like wearing foundation. Putting a lot of makeup on in the morning when i’m tired I feel just looks cake-y. I love this H2O skintint. It gives me mild coverage without feeling like i’m wearing anything on my face.

Night Skincare Routine: 

I’m going to be honest, i’m usually too tiered to wash my face. Eeek, I know. I keep face wipes by my nightstand and Pixi By Petra Beauty Sleep Cream.

I’ve tried a lot of face wipe brands and I like Burts Bees the best. A lot of face wipes I feel get dried out but Burt’s wipes have good moisture & are gentle on my skin.

I love the lavender scent of the night cream and it feels so calming going on my skin. I rarely miss applying at night because I love the way it makes my skin feel and helps me calm down before bed.

Face masks:  right now I’m loving the individual packed Que Bella masks that I buy at Target. I like getting a variety of types to choose from. I used a mud skin clarifying one last week to try to calm down some recent acne flair ups before our trip. And I packed a calming lavender one for the trip to use towards the end when my skin is probably going to be burnt and in need of some R&R.

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