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Hello Third Trimester!

May 8, 2017

I can’t believe I’m officially in my third trimester! How did this happen? Time has been flying by. I’m 28 Weeks today and the countdown has begun. Tim and I are cleaning out the spare bedroom which will become the nursery to get it ready for an influx in baby things. Our shower is this following weekend and then my mom is going to help me get all the new baby items organized in the nursery. I want to use an online home design service to help decorate the nursery & our bedroom. I think I pretty much have time on-board.

I’m finally feeling so much better. No nausea, I have energy during the day and am no longer vomiting. I’m so thankful! I’m starting to have a lot of back pain, heart burn and difficulty getting comfortable at night. I’m managing the back pain with foam rolling; The heart burn with charcoal tablets and trying to get comfortable at night with a whole lot of pillows! I’m also eating more and that weight gain is creeping up!

The to-do list before baby P comes seems so overwhelming. I’m constantly trying to cross things off the list. Last week we found our pediatrician and I ordered a breast pump (Madela) through my health insurance (Thanks, Obama!).

I have a check up with my OB this week, unfortunately no ultrasound though. My belly seems to grow more and more overnight and I can now clearly feel all her movements. She’s constantly kicking. I can also physically see some of her kicks now through my belly, so crazy!

I think we’ve narrowed down on some names we like but are waiting to meet her face to face to make sure the one we pick is a good fit.

As I was writing this post I happened to click on a video from Ellie & Jared’s YouTube Channel and it was about their first time taking a pregnancy test as they try for their third baby. It was negative. It was such a grounding moment for me, all those emotions flooding back and just remembering and appreciating how far Tim and I have come. A year ago that was us and I’m just so thankful to have gotten this far in this pregnancy and have this sweet gift. What a blessing. My heart goes out to all you ladies who are still struggling to get pregnant.



Location: DesertX art exhibit, “Mirage” by Doug Aitken, Palm Springs

Photographer: @morganbishopp

Dress & Jacket – non-maternity, Nordstrom Rack



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