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Third Trimester Pregnancy Must Haves

May 11, 2017

Hi Mamas, the third trimester is here and feeling lots of changes. Less nausea but more heartburn, hip pain and back pain. I fortunately don’t have swollen ankles or feet yet but my fingers are swollen and I can no longer wear my wedding bands. I’m also starting to have a larger appetite and more cravings, I’ve been frequenting Yogurtland. I wanted to share some of current must-haves as I transition into this third trimester.

Prenatal Yoga. As the belly gets bigger and the stress of getting everything ready for baby feels more acute, have 1 hour a week dedicated to just breathing and relaxing has become a must. I finally feel well enough to start some form of exercise after taking a 6 month hiatus from moving my body. In the first class, I felt so stiff, the simplest bend in the legs was hard for me. In addition to the huge mental health benefit to yoga, I also think yoga is such a helpful form of exercise to get your body prepared for labor. A lot of the modified poses work on core and lower body strength which i’m hoping will help me on the big day!
With all the stress at work and wanting to rush home to tackle the personal to-do list forcing myself to take some much needed me time is so important. I always leave the class feeling re-energized and at peace. Side note- yoga was also super helpful for me when we were trying to get pregnant. Again for the mental health benefit as that is such a stressful time and also it’s supposed to help with blood flow and regulating your system.

For clothes, i’ve updating my camis. I always wear camis to insure under belly coverage. I had originally bought some maternity camis from Target but after a few months they are starting to frey. I’ve been wearing these super comfy nursing bras almost daily so I decided to get a jump start on a great nursing cami as well. This way, i’ll get more use out of them. I decided on Ingrid & Isabel camis- black, white & nude.

My other favorite current undergarment is the Belly Bandit Shapewear. Yasssssss. Third trimester means thigh rub and I wear a lot of skirts and dresses. I also bought a white dress for the baby shower but it’s a little see through. These help give a seamless look and coverage. Also help with thigh rub and give you some support and control. I just purchased them but so far I’m really happy and wish i’d purchased sooner!

I’m also currently eyeing for post pregnancy their Mother Tucker Nursing Tank, Mother Tucker Leggings, and their Belly Band.

For heartburn I’ve started taking Charcoal Tablets. Like I mentioned, I currently have constant heartburn. I’ve been downing Tums like no other but then in a recent pre-natal yoga class a woman mentioned she wasn’t taking them because of metal and all the other moms nodded in agreement. The teacher recommended charcoal tablets which apparently go straight to your stomach and don’t enter your blood stream. I need to do more research on the Tums debate but I decided to switch to charcoal mostly out of peer pressure. It actually works really well and i’m super happy with them. I purchased mine at Whole Foods.

Next is my Swell bottle. I get so thirsty and it’s also so important to stay hydrated. I’m also dealing with leg cramps, especially at night so I’m really trying to drink as much water as possible. This bottle keeps my water cold no matter how hot it is in the car so it’s perfect for running errands.

Lastly, I have a snack bag that follows me everywhere. These are my staples from Trader Joes:

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